When You Find Your Phone in the Refrigerator

And you have zero recollection of putting it there.  You are tempted to blame your husband.  But on the other hand, there is NO way he should ever know about this.  

Nor should he know about the times you wonder where your cell phone is — while you’re talking on said phone to your sister.

Or  the times you stroll down the basement stairs – only to reach the bottom and wonder what the hell you’re doing there.  

Or when you read an entire first chapter, thinking it familiar, only to realize you already read the book.  Not that long ago.

First, don’t panic.  (And don’t ever read the book or see the movie, Still Alice!)  Unless the ketchup routinely ends up in your purse — chances are, this forgetfulness is normal for us baby boomers with our cluttered brains and overtime ruminations.

It is normal to have to go through the mental alphabet to recall a name.  Or to search for the vocabulary word that encapsulates a concept – the one that annoyingly pops into your mind that very night at 4AM taunting you with its easy access- daring you to go back to sleep.

But do we have to accept this new-normal — where the ketchup bottle goes missing?   

Psychology Today cites 8 habits that improve cognitive function:  

Physical Activity

Openness to Experience

Curiosity and Creativity

Social Connections

Mindfulness Meditation

Brain Training Games

Get Enough Sleep

Reduce Chronic Stress 



Today’s Takeaway  gets a little more practical –


  • What if you’re embarrassingly awful at crossword puzzles and you’ve never actually finished a Suduko?  Find a daily mental exercise that suits you.  My dad used to recite the American presidents chronologically – forwards and backwards.



  • Dictate to  your phone (which hopefully isn’t in the fridge keeping the veggies company) the names, words, songs you tend to forget.  Just knowing you have ready access to them will solidify their recall and give you peace.



  • Beware of the Bachelorette.  Especially the one in paradise.  Such guilty pleasures (which I, Barclay, indulge in) do not do your brain a service.  Temper your TV binges with audio books, actual books, newspapers, documentaries.  Join a book club.  Hopefully, one that drinks.



So, do not panic, my baby boomer friends, when the tip of your tongue betrays you.  

After your read this, however, you may want to check the refrigerator shelves for wayward phones and keys.

And then just chuckle.


Enjoy the ride!

xox,  Barclay and Joy

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