Happy Anniversary!

Joy —

The end of July marks the 6 month anniversary of www.revisionistretirement.com, by Barclay and Joy.  We thought seeing as this is a special milestone (well, it’s not a year or a 5 year, but it is indeed special to us), it was time to celebrate!

We started out with an idea that two lifelong friends adapting to retirement had a lot to say!  We needed an outlet, a cathartic way of getting our thoughts out of our heads and into print.

It’s been great to get to know someone that I’ve known for 37 years even better. We now have a personal call once a week to catch up and a business call to discuss our blog.

Barclay —

“So what do you do?”

When you’re retired, people ask you this all the time.

The voice of my mother echoes,  “Seriously, Barclay, what DO you do all day?  And at day’s end what exactly have you DONE?” 

My life used to be structured (and identified) by raising kids, performing at a job, managing a home.  I was ruled by the alarm clock and the family calendar.

Then, bam… Jared and Alex embarked on their own journeys.  My work life ended. The alarm clock was bored.  The word, retirement, sounded like an abrupt end.  I was grateful but uneasy.

Then came Joy.

Joy and I go back some 40 years.  Joy is one of those people who treasures friendships —  you can pick up right where you left off even if you haven’t spoken in months.  She’ll make you laugh until it hurts.

Now Joy and I speak every week.  We are among the throngs of Baby Boomers – retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day – some of whom have fallen prey to depression, anxiety, over-rumination.  For Joy and me, talking and writing about these pitfalls has been vital – hence the blog idea.  Retirement being revised.  A time of opportunity and growth.  Yes, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

Joy’s daughters, Morgan and Dana, have been key to the birth of this blog.  Morgan came up with the name and occasionally acts as editor;  Dana has helped with many an IT issue.  Both have been sounding boards – ever so patient – which must be a tad challenging.  Old dogs can learn but not at a millennial rate!

So far, RR has addressed everything from crepe skin to death.  Overarching themes include –

Aging – Those lovely surprises your mirror announces.  And the mental jolt you get each birthday or when the movie cashier doesn’t even blink when you request a “senior discount”.

The Past – We all have baggage and Jane Fonda suggests that the Third Act is high time for forgiveness and peace.

Passion and Purpose – Finding your sweet spot of service.  Making a difference even if it’s just smiling more, over-tipping, giving someone a sincere, over the top compliment.


Loneliness, Marriage, Volunteering, Friendship, Learning, Travel, Mindfulness, Staying Active, Forgetfulness, Parenting adult children.

And lest we forget, Muriel and Peggy have snuck into many a post.

So here’s a new blog post title – You Never Know!

Neither Joy nor I could EVER have anticipated this blogging adventure. We invite you to join us and discover your own revisionist retirement!

Together we’ll find a cure for crepe skin and arm flab — or at least be able to laugh at all things jiggly!

Joy —

Don’t underestimate us!  We both think (maybe in our own delusional minds!) that a Lifetime movie can’t be far behind!  You want to be able to say, I read their blog from the beginning and knew it was special!!!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  I will be  played by Julia Roberts (my mouth is the same size as hers and she has large teeth!)  Barclay will be played by Diane Lane.  Sexy at any age!

Above all else keep reading our blog-http://www.revisionistretirement.com

Enjoy the Ride and Raise a Glass!


Barclay and Joy

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. I love reading your blogs because of all the wonderful memories it brings back. Although I saw the tin foil reflectors, I had a different plan. Nan (my college room mate) and I were vacationing with my parents on spring break, in Florida. My mother was begging us to come in from the sun. But it was overcast so we had another plan – baby oil and iodine. Later that night we were lying on our beds naked, moaning in pain from our sunburn, my mother slathering us with a soothing salve. So happy to learn more about Muriel and Peggy. xo, Debbie


    1. And thanks, Debbie, for following us! You can be a guest blogger! Memories of your own mom?? xo Barclay


  2. I have felt like it is hard to comment but maybe I just need to reply in the email version. Can you please remind me how to send you some names I want to share this with?

    I love reading you guys all the time. Cathy

    On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 9:44 AM Revisionist Retirement wrote:

    > twizzyface1954 posted: ” Joy — The end of July marks the 6 month > anniversary of http://www.revisionistretirement.com, by Barclay and Joy. We > thought seeing as this is a special milestone (well, it’s not a year or a 5 > year, but it is indeed special to us). We started out wit” >


    1. Hey Cathy,

      Thanks so much for the support!!

      To comment, you can just reply to the email as you did.

      Or you can go to the site itself – http://www.revisionistretirement.com – and after each post there’s a teeny weeny text that says, “leave a comment”.

      And/or you can share with friends via Facebook – by clicking the FB link after each post. FB asks you if you want to share it with specific friends.

      Or you can just send the site address to others via your email.

      The site itself has a blue rectangle “Follow” button on the upper right side of the page.

      We’re still figuring this out!

      xo b


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