14,600 dinners and counting!!!

Just like the lyrics from “Seasons of Love”, Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, (from the musical Rent, in case it’s a question on Jeopardy) I figure I have prepared at least 14,600 dinners over a 41 year marriage!!!!!!!  Not even counting breakfast or lunch!

My husband, being very thoughtful decided to try one of these meal plans that delivers to the home relieving me (for at least a couple of dinners) of this tedious chore!  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to cook, make new recipes, experiment, but having to get dinner on the table every night is pure drudgery! (along side grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc!)

We had tried every meal plan under the sun for our younger daughter who has no interest in cooking. Her New York City size kitchen doesn’t offer much counter space so I get that it’s not easy to prepare food. Her solution to meal preparing, as it is for many New York City apt dwellers is Seamless, otherwise known as take out! I digress since this post is about my husband and I in our attempt to make dinner together.

My husband opted for a company called Plated (www.plated.com) that sends you all the ingredients cut up in nice little packages including spices and a lovely recipe card in color!  Don’t look at the calories because for some reason every dinner is in the 600-900 range. This was something we could do together while at the same time putting sustenance in our bodies!

It brought to mind  the time, as newly weds, we attempted to wall paper one wall for effect in our hallway.  Mind you, this was not even an entire room, but rather one wall!  It was a disaster fraught with yelling at each other, tears, and blaming one another for wrinkles in the pattern. We never wall papered together again! (nor painted, nor shared in any fix it projects in the house for the 25 years we lived in suburbia) In an apartment you call the super!  In a house, you pay for someone to do it for you!  Not related!

With me on one side of the counter and my husband on the other we share the tasks at hand for preparing Chicken Caprese.  Sautéing, roasting, a little more dicing, tasting, a glass of vino  along side.  Maybe, this was what was needed.  A new approach to dinner preparation, one that I was resistant to at first, turned out to be fun! I did my part and he did his to create something yummy, nutritionally balanced, and  required no scouring recipes on the internet!

So I still prepare a few dinners on my  own, unassisted (with our agreement being, if I cook, he cleans up and if he cooks, I clean) Taking a couple dinners off my plate makes me feel freer, breaks me out of my mold.  I’m learning, albeit slowly, that I don’t have to do things the same way I did before.  As my daughter Morgan always tells me, I make dinner the way my mother did.  Potato (a starch), veggies (my mother used Bird’s Eye frozen-hey, it was the 1960’s!) and chicken or steak or maybe even liver and onions! I steam vegetables to preserve their vitamins ,bake sweet potatoes rather than white Idahos, and grill  chicken that has been lovingly cared for in the Hudson Valley!

Today’s Takeaway…

. Do something fun with your spouse.  Preparing meals can be so routine. Spice it up and try one of these plans that can make dinner an enjoyable experience!

. Leave the wall papering to a professional!

. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef- the Ubers of meal plans!

Enjoy the Ride

xox Barclay & Joy



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