Another New Year’s

So another new year is upon us and the old one is about to exit.

We reflect, we ponder, we think about what we have accomplished and we what we didn’t. Going into my second year of retirement (hard to believe!) I want this next year to be easier, not as much soul searching or scratching my head as to what to do now.  I want a light bulb to go on and a little voice inside of me to say , it’s okay to kick back every once in a while, to take an afternoon nap, make paella on Tuesday, sip a glass of wine every day at 4!  There don’t have to be rules to live by, just to be a good person, a role model for your children, your grand children, the people you care about.

The holidays are filled with great expectation and then they are over.  It all comes to an abrupt end and then reality reenters the picture.  People go back to their lives, their work lives.  This 2 week period where not much happens is an excuse for the world to take a break, a vacation, a ‘call me after the holidays”, take the tree down on Monday instead of waiting until the weekend.  Retired people return to being what?  Retired?  Where do I fit now?  What’s my place in the world?  Big questions for a Sunday, but thoughts that cross my mind and I want to share.

Barclay is headed down to Florida for a well deserved winter break and I will be leaving for Mexico next week.  We are lucky to get away. We have chosen to have a change of scenery, warmth for our bodies, sun for our geriatric dogs (we both have them)   We don’t have to worry about vacation schedules anymore, how many days have I accrued, will my company survive without me?  (believe me, it will!  None of us are that important, unless you are saving lives or working on a cure for cancer) What I’ve learned this last year is that I am the director and producer of this play.  I can change the script anytime I want or feel the need.  If something doesn’t please me or fulfill me, I can for the first time cancel the second act!  No one to account to, but me.  My performance review will be written by my toughest critic, moi! has come a long way since we began almost a year ago.  We have written 91 posts, poured our hearts out to you our followers, shared some very personal feelings, painted a picture of the little girls we were, the parents who raised us (where would we be without Peggy and Champe, Muriel and Ben?) the children we adore and couldn’t live without, and the EPH who puts up with 2 women who are navigating waters they never expected to be rough.  Writing has been cathartic, emotional, and joyful. It is an outlet that my fellow blogger and I needed to have.  We wanted to share this journey with both  friends, select family members (those who wouldn’t be offended by anything we say) as well as strangers who might benefit from the trials and tribulations we have faced.

Not so sure I’m making resolutions this year or buying new red underwear (I made my children fearful that if they didn’t rush out and buy a new pair every year, their year would be ruined!), but I will not eat chicken no matter what!  (all traditions that I have followed on New Year’s eve for many years!  What can I say, I’m a very superstitious person!) This year I’m going to shake it up a bit because as much as I am a creature of habit, I’m ready to break free!

In the words of Oprah, “Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.”

Today’s Takeaway…

-We hope we made you laugh, made you think, given you a glimpse into our souls and that you will follow us in 2019.

-This 3rd chapter promises to be full of surprises and Barclay and I are ready to take it on!

Happy New Year to all and Enjoy the Ride.

xox Barclay and Joy




One thought on “Another New Year’s

  1. Best wishes and congratulations on your first year of blogging! I can relate as I am in my 3rd year of retirement after teaching. Happy New Year to you both.


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