Welcome to the Land of Sunshine

IMG_4082Barclay and I are both settling into our winter (escapist!) homes of Florida and Ajijic, Mexico respectively.  We welcome the sunshine and the feeling you get when you wake up to a clear blue sky every morning.

I am not a hearty trooper and can’t hack a severely cold winter.  I am a sunshine girl through and through.  Forgive me dear neighbor for leaving you in the 9 degree weather of this morning! I admit it.  I’m a wuss!

Sunshine is so good for you, as long as you don’t over expose.  We all know now that sunning oneself with a reflector and baby oil was a really bad idea!  Hey, it was the 1960’s before we knew better and it seemed like a great way to get a tan!

The benefits of the sun though are many.  My super senior dog, Colby, is relishing in it now as he warms his arthritic bones.  He is in doggie Nirvana! No more grey skies and frigid temperatures for the next 4 months.

15 Health Benefits of Sunshine – The Active Times

Vitamin D, which our bodies crave and need, helps our immune system, warms our aging bones, boosts our metabolism, lessens tension, can help prevent disease, betters one’s sleep (you know how it makes you sleepy when you sunbathe?) even increases your mental acuity, and provides you with higher energy levels.  If that’s not enough, it just plain feels good on your body!

We are lucky to be able to have a change of scenery, shed our winter coats, put on flip flops in January and play pickleball on outdoor courts facing the water.  Blessed for sure. Your surroundings are so important to your psyche.  Though, I love Portland and Seattle,  as cities, I’m not sure I could hack drizzle and gray skies for days on end.  I am a sunshine babe and love those rays on my face and body.  I can still hear Muriel say, “Let the sun kiss you, Joy.” 

Well, mom, I’m listening.

Wonderful to be back and see friends who are now more than acquaintances. This special little village we share with others in their 3rd chapter of life is home for the winter and that’s not a bad place to be!

Name 5 more songs that have the word “sun” in their title. My favorites are:

Sunshine, Reggae

Aquarius, Let the Sunshine

Might as Well Be Walking on the Sun

Walking on Sunshine

Here Comes The Sun (who doesn’t love this song?)

If the sun wasn’t so important to us, would there be so many songs written about it?  I think not!


Today’s Takeaway…

-If you can get away for the winter, go!  If it’s a month or several, the respite and change of scenery will do you good.

-Life will still be there when you get back and let’s face it, who doesn’t look good with a tan!!

Enjoy the Ride

xox Barclay & Joy






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