Joy, it’s a hard name to live up to!!

IMG_4236Seriously, did you ever think about the name you were given? I mean, really think about the meaning, how it’s affected your life, how people see you, first impressions; you get the picture.  A name, something given you at birth before anyone knows anything about you, the type of person you are, the strengths you have, the weaknesses, what makes you laugh, what makes you sad, cry, pout, grimace. 

A name shapes you or it can. It may set the tone your life will have, the road you walk down.  It may be a detriment or it may be something you are proud of  and love.  If we are lucky, we get a great name that we think, ‘Wow, mom and dad really gave this thought! I would have picked it out myself had I been born and given the assignment!”

In my case, my grandmother Francis named me.  She was hocking my mother to have children for years and thought she was being selfish not having a child.  This was in the 1950’s where you got married and had children.  QED.  When Muriel finally conceded she would go ahead and procreate, grandma was already thinking of names and the emotion she felt (I guess) was sheer JOY!  So much so, that (wait, don’t divulge this often!) my middle name would be Merri.  Yes, that’s right, Joy Merri.  Could you get more elated than that!

The question is, does the name reflect who you are as a person or do you grow into the name you are given.  What if I had been named Bertha or Lucy or Guinevere? Would I be a different kind of individual?  Would I mold into my name?  Perhaps, Berthas are fat and Lucy’s are ditzy and Guinevere’s are princesses?  These are my musings as a retired person, although I must give credit where credit is due!  My husband, David, pondered this question as a boy!  He was a loner, a lot of time on his hands! I’m merely taking the question to the next stage of my adult thinking.

It turns out that we are not the first to consider this and we will probably not be the last!  Too many of us must have too much free time. Johnny Cash must have thought about this when he titled his song, “A Boy Named Sue.’

See these references I have highlighted for my proof:Bad Baby Names – A Boy Named Sue, and a Theory of Names …

does our name shape who we are? – Yahoo Answers Results
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Survey: To what degree do you think that a person’s name affects what…
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I think it affects a person a lot. A lot of people often judge others by appearance but some judge by name.

Bottom line, Joy is a lot to live up to on a daily basis!  The pressure is always there to be happy, upbeat, optimistic.  What if I feel sad or discontent?  Do I change my name for the day?  The week?  The month?

If I hear one more person tell me, your name fits you so well… But seriously, I do like it and I try my best to live up to it.  It has served me well!

Today’s Takeaway…

Consider things you never had the time to think about before.  You have the whole day and may come up with something really great!

Live up to your name or change it if you want.  I have a cousin who abandoned Jill for Olivia.  As long as you don’t name yourself after a borough of New York City, a season, a vacation destination, or a beach, I’m cool with that!

This is our  100th post and the end of the month celebrates our 1 year anniversary.  Thank you one and all. If nothing else, this is a true accomplishment.

Enjoy the Ride

xox Barclay & Joy




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