Riding The Wave

I guess it just means going with the flow!  Or in the words of Nike, “Just do it”

I am a futurizer, always have been.  I don’t know if I made up the word or I like to think of myself as making it up, but it’s me to a tee! 

I think about what life will be like when … it happens.  Part of my futurizing had been “When I’m retired …” Or, “When my children get married, when my children find jobs that they like (I could be waiting a long time for that one!), when I have enough money, when ………….

Human nature is just like that.  It’s hard to just live in the present and I’m not going there.  Promise.  Too much has been written about living in the moment.  I like the “Riding the Wave” imagery because I love water.  I must have been a sea creature in a past life, perhaps, a sea horse (they’re cute!).

I think it says it best. Once you’re on the wave, you don’t have a lot of choices.  You either ride it or you go under!

Maybe, the trick to life is to not think too much about what lies ahead (we know that death is closer for sure so why stress yourself out with those kind of thoughts?)

Of course, we want to be prudent, prepared, plan (PPP) so that we are not caught short in any way.  No will, no directives, not enough cash, not having said the things we want to say to our family, not repaired broken fences, etc.

So today’s post is short and sweet.  Ride the Wave and focus on the now.  It’s here and it’s all we know that is guaranteed.  Tomorrow is not.

Today’s Takeaway…

RIDE THE WAVE!  I’m in Mexico where it’s heating up so that wave looks pretty awesome!

Enjoy the ride.

x0x Barclay & Joy

ocean wave

I guess what this means is just gonPhoto by Simon Clayton on Pexels.com

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