Happy Mother’s Day, 2019!

Love this picture of Peggy

The hospital bed had been removed and her medications cleared out.  I opened the top drawer of my mother’s dresser.  I wanted to have a tangible reminder to take back with me to Chicago.

My mom had loved her jewelry.  Though none of it expensive, her pieces were statements — large, clip-on, seashell earrings, a garnet ring the size of an i-watch.

Then I found what I was looking for.

My socialite mom, who wore Armani, Prada, and Calvin Klein, taught a Bible class every week at the local child care center.  They called her Mrs. T.    She was a regular there, well into her 90s, acting out stories and singing Bible songs.  And though never a hugger, my mom was a hit with the preschoolers who lavished her with hugs and kisses.

And so when she finally bid farewell to them, knowing the end was near, Peggy was presented with a silver charm bracelet with a tiny Bible and a cross.  This was definitely not something she would have worn to her country club cocktail parties, but I think it was her prized possession.

I picked up the bracelet and thanked God for giving me a mom who knew what was important.  And it was not shell earrings or an Armani blazer.

It was teaching 4 year olds about their heavenly Father.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. T!

Joy here:

Lilacs everywhere.  Mother’s Day beckons the lilac bushes to bloom.  Every year, at about this time, very close to Mother’s Day, the beautiful lush purple flowers bloom.  I am reminded of my mother who loved them.  Their fragrance filled our house and Ben (my dad) knew this was a must for this special day.

It’s funny how smells trigger memories.  In some ways smell is stronger than any other sense.  We connect odors with pictures in our minds and it makes us smile.

On this, yet another Mother’s Day ( the 29th without my own mother) I have no call to make, no card to buy, no lilacs to pick, but I remember her voice, her touch, her enduring love for me.

Muriel, like Peggy, was quirky, a character.  I’ve already told you that she sewed designer labels in her clothes, took Tuesdays off to go shopping for no particular reason, kept a Band-Aid box with “pin money” for splurges, and wore toilet paper to bed to preserve her beauty parlor coif!

She ate to live (covered in a previous post), loved the arts, exposed me to music, theatre, and the ballet, and loved getting dressed up in her mink coat (she originally wanted to be buried in it, but ended up going for cremation and the thought of burning the coat she loved, just wasn’t going to fly!) alligator shoes and lizard bag. She only wore her “good jewelry” when she went out (that included a diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band)  She was a class act all the way and I miss her dearly.

She taught me to be a good listener, to have compassion for others, to appreciate the physical beauty of my surroundings, to be thankful for every day we wake up to see a new day.

As we said, last year, no takeaways this Mother’s Day.  Just reflect, treasure your memories, spend a few minutes thinking of your mother, if she is gone and if she is still alive, call her.  She wants to hear your voice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful readers. We love you!

Enjoy the ride.

xox Barclay and Joyimg_4275





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