My Husband and I have Matching Compression Socks!!

There’s togetherness as a couple matures into their sunset years, like a well worn and broken in pair of shoes. Compression hose and the need for them was never something I thought we’d share. Varicose veins do not discriminate. They appear when you least expect them and men get them as well as women. Women are at a higher risk (naturally!) because of pregnancy and other factors, but heredity plays a big part. Thanks mom and dad, grandma, great grand ma. My husband’s mother had them as well as her mother before her so our adult children are doomed!!

What really pisses me off is that I had sclerotherapy years ago and that very same varicose vein that was removed came back in the same exact spot two years later. Lets face it, varicose veins are ugly as are spider veins. The difference is varicose can be dangerous. They can lead to far more serious health issues, i.e. thrombosis, ulcers or sores on your legs, chronic inflammation. So, this is no longer a question of vanity or cosmetics. I was never going to be a swim suit model at this age anyway! Sports Illustrated never called!!!

Go seek out medical attention. Don’t blow it off. A good vascular surgeon will diagnose the blood flow. I was super impressed here in Mexico with one such doctor, recommended by a friend who suffers from the same issue. An ultrasound of my leg was taken on an I Pad. It showed the valves not working properly, kind of like a door that doesn’t open and close the way it should anymore. Since the blood flow goes from your legs to your heart, this is pretty important. The doctor drew me a picture of what normal veins in your leg do and what mine were doing. He labelled this a disease, Chronic Venous Disease. (CVD, not to be confused with CVS!) WOW! I had not expected this. I also am passed the sclerotherapy route and now need surgery. He said it so cavalierly, but in my book, surgery is surgery!! It means anesthesia, a recovery period, leg wrapped in ACE bandages, ugh! My husband’s legs are worse than mine, but being a man who never wears shorts and rarely a bathing suit, he didn’t think anything of it. Now, I will make him see a vascular surgeon as well when we return to the U.S. We are leaving our Mexico home in a couple of days and so are out of time.

I immediately ordered 6 pairs of compression socks. Not the fuddy duddy ones that are beige and look like Orthodox women wear, but cool funky ones that even a young person might don. My very smart Millennial daughter wears them religiously on flights. She knows that early care of her legs is important with a DNA profile that will surely result in these varicosities at some point in her life. Thank goodness someone had the foresight to improve upon the look of these things!

Bottom line is, as we age, all kinds of new issues will crop up, ones we never thought about at a younger age. Who had the time?!! We will sag, we will crease, fine line, deep line, creak, ache, have joint pain, veiny hands, etc.

Who said these were the “Golden Years”?!!!

Listen to your body, as we said in an earlier post, I mean really listen! You know it the best. Advocate for yourself and get annuals, even if you think it’s a waste of time because you feel great.

Aging is one of those things that until you go through it yourself, you don’t know what to expect. It’s kind of like parenting in that way.

So, togetherness can mean many different things to a couple that has been married for 43 years. Right now, it’s matching compression socks!

Today’s Takeaway:

Good health truly is everything. Never ever take it for granted! Without it, nothing else matters. Ask anyone who has suffered with disease.

Every day you wake up to a new day is a gift. Cherish it.

As always, enjoy the ride.

x0x Barclay& Joy

P.S. Barclay and I will take a break from writing for the remainder of August. We have hit our mark of 175 posts! Amazing! Like our role model, Maria Shriver, who takes off every August to recharge and reset, we will be contemplating new musings as we aim for a new goal of 200 posts!

Thank you one and all for reading and following

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