OMG! I’m Shrinking!!!!!!

Joy here –

My last physical, a few months back, showed that I am no longer the 5’6 woman I have been for all of my adult life. What happened??!! Where did those inches go? Can I get them back by maybe having my body stretched? My mother once thought she could produce dimples in her cheeks by poking her fingers there for extended periods of time! Hey, ya never know!

The truth of the matter is that with the many pleasures of aging we go through (too many to count) shrinking is indeed one of them. It is normal to shrink by about one inch as you age. Could that mean, I might be a dwarf if I live to be in my 90’s! ? I don’t think there’s much call for elderly short people in the entertainment world!

Barclay here –

I remember visiting my parents in Florida, and my dad, then in his 80s, insisting that I had gotten taller. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that that was highly unlikely, since I was then in my late 40s. “It must be that I am wearing heels, Dad.” Then, before he could gaze at my feet, I would scurry away in my flat flip flops.

At his tallest, my father was about six feet. As he aged, he appeared shorter — in part because he WAS shorter, and in part because he had a tendency to slump. My mom nagged him constantly, “Shoulders back!”

Will the same fate befall us?

Web MD does not mince words. “The chemical composition of your body changes. In between your bones, there is a cushion that keeps your bones from rubbing together. Over time this cushion retains less water and deteriorates. As your bones settle in together, you lose a few millimeters at a time. It is normal to shrink by about one inch as you age.”

So another lovely sidebar to the aging process.

I think I’ll take the route of my mother, Peggy, who wore heels at all times. On the golf course; upon waking; probably walking the beach. Unfortunately, this was part of her demise…as she broke a hip in her early 90s, while at a party, while in heels. She probably would do it all over again!

So all Joy and I can say is,

Shoulders back!

Find comfortable heels. (Just don’t go hiking in them!)

Consider wearing a large floppy hat as my mom did.


And drink a ton of water to come to the aid of that poor, deflating cushion between your poor, shrinking bones!

And maybe, just maybe, it’s possible our adult children ARE getting taller!! Let’s go with that!

3 thoughts on “OMG! I’m Shrinking!!!!!!

  1. This is well said! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Had a few laughs while reading this. I probably won’t wear heels 👠 unless dressing up. That has not been the norm for many years. We Oregonians are a casual crowd. Big hugs & lots of ❤️Judy & husband sold their place in Ajijic.

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    1. I heard they sold it! They owned it for such a short time. I like it here Cyndie, but there really isn’t much to do. We’ll see what we eventually end up doing. So glad you read the post and liked it. Hugs from my shorter self!


  2. Oh, so that’s where my “muffin top” came from. After all that shrinking the skin had to go somewhere.😂 I hope you are both happy, healthy, and well!

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