Keep Moving!

Peggy was ahead of her time.  Back in the day when women weren’t supposed to sweat, she was dripping wet every morning.  “Barclay,” she’d say. “You must get out of breath once a day.”  Her Bible was the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness.  Naturally she did her sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks in heels.    

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.39.02 AM

Peggy kept her slim figure intact until the very end.  Even when restricted to her bed, she arranged for a physical trainer to bring over weights and beach balls.   I suspect she was wearing heels under the covers.

“You just have to keep moving!” she’d declare. 

Now the downside to all this is that I grew up to be an exercise fiend.  I completed 15 marathons, played tennis 4-5 times a week, biked, took hot yoga — and sweated my way right into an eating disorder that can still rear its ugly head.  

But Mom was right.  Exercise is key to warding off depression, staying fit, producing endorphins, rebooting energy levels, combating disease. And if it’s a social thing, all the better.  Whereas my mom was relegated to the bedroom (the only acceptable form of exercise for a 1950s female was vacuuming), my world expanded through exercise.    

I met my husband and secured 2 jobs on a tennis court; my ladies doubles group has sprouted a wine group; and  during my brief and unspectacular hockey career, I encountered fascinating women from different backgrounds and orientations. 

So let’s follow Peggy’s advice and keep moving!  Just not in heels!


Today’s Takeaway –


  • Discover a new sport.  Consider Pickleball — it’s easy to learn and cheap.   It’s the fastest growing racket sport and has Baby Boomer written all over it.


  • After exercise, stick around for an adult beverage.  Your workout can lead to friendships you didn’t anticipate with people you wouldn’t otherwise encounter.



Enjoy the ride!

xox, Barclay and Joy






The Power of Friendship

Okay, so who would guess that 36 years later, this woman who lived in the same Chicago apartment building and I would write a blog on retirement!  After more than a couple of marriages, 18-plus jobs (only 6 on my resume, but who’s to know?), 5 dogs, 2 houses, 4 children (between the two of us) and here we are!

Why us? Well, if we survived all that life throws your way and still remained such good friends, though we haven’t lived in the same state for 31 years, then we were meant to write our musings on retirement together! In Yiddish, one would say it was Bashert! Meant to be, destiny!

Our friendship was cemented when we trained for the Chicago Marathon one extremely hot summer.  As 26 year olds (God, we were young!) we talked about our work day, our husbands, parents, what we were doing for weekend.  We somehow breathed and kept our training pace even though we gabbed the whole way. It was a great relief from daily stress, both of us being in the finance industry, Barclay in municipal bonds and me institutional equities.

How we loved our 80s business suits and bows – a short lived fashion trend.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 7.19.35 PM

This would become a great friendship! 

Fast forward and I retire at 62, Barclay 6 months later, me from financial publishing, she from teaching. The two young girls had grown old together, had a full life of achievements, accomplishments, disappointments, joy mixed with frustration, in other words, LIFE!

This chapter we’re now in –  post-job –  well, you just don’t know what it’s going to be like until you get there!   Barclay and I are seeing it similarly — and hence the idea of the blog was born!

Who better to write than two great friends!

Today’s Takeaway –

  • Foster friendships!  Reach out.  Have a drink or coffee with a buddy.  Be intentional. 
  • Listen more than talk.

Enjoy the ride!

xox, Barclay and Joy