S is for Spontaneity

A few weeks back my husband and I were faced with spontaneity. Should we put a rushed weekend together to see our daughter for her birthday or find excuses to not go. Last minute, too expensive, who takes care of the dog, etc. We weren’t sure until the week before if she would be coming home to celebrate or we would miss it altogether.

The day before, truly the eleventh hour, we decided to go which meant booking a flight with very little advance planning, a hotel, and figuring out who would take care of our dog all at the same time.

I’m not usually a spontaneous person. I’m a planner. I plan a week out, a month out, six months out. I like to know what’s going on and when. My old fashioned wall calendar is filled with reminders, dates, get togethers, doctors appointments. My younger daughter is the same way, whereas her sister is not sure where she’ll be six months from now. Just the way her life has taken her.

That all being said, my husband and I flew down to Richmond, Va to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. It was simply perfect in that rare way that life sometimes delivers. The weather was beautiful, she was happy to see us, we were happy to see her, and everything about that weekend was in sync and harmony.

We don’t get redos often so, sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet, dive into the pool, go with the flow. You get the picture. In this case, what was holding us back? We are retired. We didn’t have to be at work on Monday. We could always shuffle around whatever pencilled in task was on my calendar. Spontaneity can be a good thing. If you can’t do spur of the moment things, like an unplanned weekend getaway then when can you?

Break out of your mold and be spontaneous. I promise you’ll be happy you did and you might brighten someone’s day in the process.


Spontaneity can be a good thing. There’s a time and a place for regimentation and structure, but plans are made to be changed and the outcome may make for a new memory.

As always, enjoy the ride

Xox Barclay&Joy