The Last Mattress

It struck me when I ordered my Dream Cloud premium mattress that this would be the last one I would ever order. Think about it. A mattress lasts for maybe 15 years, maybe 20 if you are really lucky, so at the age I am currently, this is it!! Even if I live to a more advanced age, I sure as hell am not buying another $1000 mattress. It’s kind of akin to the Queen Elizabeth, Lizzie, as I like to call her, not wanting to buy another corgi at her age. She ended up doing it anyway, but that was her initial intention because of her advanced age.

This is a stage of paring down for me, of spring house cleaning with purpose. I don’t want to accumulate more. I want to live with the possessions that are meaningful to me. It’s so hard to part with things, but if not now, it will be up to my children to sort through and that’s not fair. The purchase of my premium mattress made me think about all of these matters. I’m a ponderer.

There will be many last purchases at this point (not to be morbid, but …) If I purchase a piece of furniture, it is most definitely my last coffee table or couch or bookcase (you get the general idea here!) One has to do the economics of the purchase now to see if it makes sense, but a lumpy mattress was just not acceptable and my lower back was complaining. I listened and now hope that, perhaps, part of my continued interrupted sleep will improve with the addition of the Dream Cloud!

As for dogs, may my Winston live a long life. If I have the good fortune to live to a ripe old age, even at 80, I would get a new dog. Somehow, the Queen and I are on the same page regarding that one!

Barclay here…

This very morning, reclining on my lumpy, non-Dream Cloud mattress, I was also thinking of what we leave behind.

When I journal, I sometimes write in code (after all, I do know shorthand — thanks to that secretarial schooling I rocked in the 1970s!). In my journal there are expressions of angst, of venting, of pleading prayers, all of which I’d just as soon go with me to the grave! Now when I write anything personal, I picture my daughter reading it and I measure my words.

So too with major purchases. That couch will need to be hauled over to Goodwill where a Dream Cloud mattress might be resting. As Joy said, we need to be cognizant of what we are not taking with us (to the other side).

But I too agree with Lizzie on the dog front. Realistically, we will soon be getting that Last Puppy who will surely take up space on our lumpy mattress alongside us.

And this doggie love is that which is eternal.

Enjoy the ride!

xox Barclay and Joy